Welcome to Mijas, Spain.

Land of renewal and rest.

Mijas is a mountain village tucked away on the Costa del Sol of Spain. It is a serene, restful and beloved location for rest or exploration. It is also the location of G42 Leadership Academy, where we as a staff are fulfilling a vision of launching Christ-like leaders into a Kingdom way of life.


We offer our housing during the summer and winter months to those looking for a vacation or retreat. During those months of June-August and December-February, our interns are on Practicum, so our Spanish homes are vacant and available for you.

 We also host intern guests and visitors during months when class is in session.


If you would like to visit or stay in our housing, please inquire on the Booking page. This greatly helps cover our cost of rent for our leadership school. Whether you are looking for a modest bunk bed or a Spanish flat, we'd love to help you out.


La 42nd Generacion

Av. de Méjico, 2

29650 Mijas, Málaga, Spain